Moving is always a hectic experience. There are somethings that you need to keep in mind when you are moving.

Check out as many companies as you can and compare their quotes to arrive at the decision that best suits your budget. Sometimes if the movers have to come to your house to give a proper estimate, let that be. It is important to have as many competing, different estimates as possible for best solution.

Make sure you go through the contract whether written verbal clearly and run through a checklist of everything. Ask everything. Ask them if they will do the packing or simply deliver the packed products. Some Packers charge extra for packing.

The Mover should have ready answers to all your questions and should not dodge them or dismiss them as silly. Do not trust such a Mover.

Clarify, if you are moving to a high rise apartment whether the Mover would deliver the items just to the building and would charge extra to move it to the apartment. It’s good to clarify everything.

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Step 1: Your Moving Details