Moving is always an emotional and hectic experience. It involves removing oneself and one’s all belongings to a different place.

There are several things that need to be kept in mind. Here are few.

Always count the number of items or packages you have. If you can number them, even better. Count them again on reaching the destination.

Don’t hand over valuables like jewellery to Movers and Packers. Keep it with yourself. Transfer it yourself.

Ensure that expensive items like TV and Glassware or china is padded and protected correctly so that they are not damaged during transfer.

Make sure that you supervise the uploading process, as sometimes due to the carelessness of the workers your belongings can be damaged.

Confirm the authenticity of the Mover and Packers as sometimes con artists can simply take off with your belongings. Use trusted names. Ask for their physical address.

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Step 1: Your Moving Details